Another significant blade in Zoro's arsenal is the formidable "Enma," a sword that demands incredible strength and skill from its wielder, capable of drawing out the full potential of its user's Haki. This powerful weapon, once owned by the legendary samurai Oden Kozuki, is known for its ability to cut through the very fabric of the spiritual world, making it a perfect addition for enthusiasts of both "One Piece" and the intricate world of samurai lore.

For fans of "Bleach," this concept may resonate with the spiritual depth of the "Zanpakuto" swords, which are central to the Shinigami's power and their user's spiritual prowess.

Like the "Enma," these swords are not just tools but pivotal to the character's development and their battles, making them iconic pieces for collectors who appreciate the blend of spiritual and physical strength depicted in anime swordsmanship.