The Wakizashi is more than just a secondary sword; it represents the soul of the samurai, embodying honor, bravery, and the intimate craftsmanship of Japanese sword-making.

Each Wakizashi in our collection is hand-forged, following centuries-old techniques to create blades of exceptional beauty and lethality. With a blade length typically between 30 and 60 cm, the Wakizashi was not only a sidearm but also worn by samurai as a symbol of their status and used in ceremonial practices.

Its significance is further enriched when paired with the Tachi, an older style of Japanese sword that predates the Katana, known for its longer, more curved blade designed for cavalry. The Tachi's historical prestige and the Wakizashi's personal valor come together to offer enthusiasts a comprehensive experience of the samurai's martial ethos. Delve into our collection to find a connection to these timeless symbols of samurai heritage.